Pie In A Jar

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pie in a Jar
I made this pie in a jar -- it's Pawley's Island pie, which in my family we call 'Danny Pie' because ever since Av and I started doing Big Brothers/Big Sisters about a year after we got married -- so ten or so years -- our little brother (who is now in college at Troy, my school, and was Class 1-4A state wrestling champion last year and graduated from the Alabama School for the Blind as valedictorian -- can you tell how proud I am?!?) had that as his favorite pie I ever made.  So it got named after him of course!

I need to perfect the crust (it cooks a little bit differently in this jar, I think) and I'll post the finished recipe.  The filling was amazing, though.  Looks pretty good!

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