Beautiful Homes of Greensboro, Alabama

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

There are worlds of other things to show, but these are some of the gorgeous homes that line the street into Greensboro:

Main Street Homes, Greensboro Alabama

This is the part where I miss not going to architecture school and graduating in business and lib arts instead.  Can't think of what style this is.  Thank goodness I have architect friends.  I'll update this when I hear the answer!  2.10.11: this is what my friend Larry calls "freestyle Queen Anne":
Main Street Homes, Greensboro Alabama

I know this next home looks...not great, but...it's the home of Israel Pickens who was governor of Alabama from 1821-1825, when the capitol was set in what we now call Old Cahawba.  Besides all that, he was a founder of Masonry in Alabama, he invented a lunar dial which told the time of night by the moon, and he built this mansion in 1821 as part of the plantation three miles outside of town that he called 'Greenwood':
Main Street Homes, Greensboro Alabama
It's described in a book I have this way:
"It was furnished luxuriously with an abundance of silver, linens, laces, and with room after room of elegant mahogany suites of furniture."
Soon after his passing in Cuba (these were the days that people with ill health went to Cuba to regain their strength, like the Vice President from Selma, William Rufus King) in 1827, the furniture was sold and the mansion was moved to this site on Main Street in Greensboro.  It looks as though there is some work going on in the back of the home right now.  Hope this gets restored.

Main Street Homes, Greensboro Alabama

Main Street Homes, Greensboro Alabama

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