Wenker's Vineyard, Albertville AL

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last month, we drove up to Albertville to Wenker's Vineyard - they don't sell wine although they do sell supplies for it - but they have a farm where you can pick your own muscadines.

It's a large place...rows and rows and rows of fruit.

They give you a bucket and you pick just as many as you like. Just getting started:

Shug *loved* picking the muscadines! Oh, he had the biggest time.

The idea is to get the nice dark ones - they are more ripe and taste better.

So, what's a girl to do with a bucketful of muscadines? Make muscadine jelly, of course:

In the last month, that jelly has graced our plates on cathead biscuits, been a sauce for duck and roasted chicken, and later this week will serve as a glaze on a cheesecake I'm making for Av. There are a ton of recipes I haven't tried yet at the vineyard's website here.

Can't wait for next year when the baby will be big enough to have fun picking the muscadines too!

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