Valentine's Day Card Wreath

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Williams-Sonoma catalog has such a great wreath this year for Valentine's Day.  It's got all these really great Victorian-style cards and I thought it would be fun to try to make one with images from the '40s...so I found a Golden Book (remember Golden Book!?!) called Vintage Valentines and inside it is filled with press-out valentines, like what were swapped in elementary school!  Some of them are even flocked.

...took a wire wreath form that's about 14-16" across, and some wide red ribbon:

...pressed the valentines out of the book (super-easy to remove, I never even had to use scissors at all) - these are just a few - and I there were so many that I still had several valentines left over after the wreath was all done: 

...used hot glue to secure the ribbon at different places along the wreath form and just wrapped, wrapped, wrapped:

...picked out the favorite Valentines out of the book and started placing them around, using hot glue to put them on.  I put a dish in the middle of the wreath while I was gluing these on because I wanted to make sure that the cards left a nice round open shape in the middle with just a little variation here and there:

A cut length of ribbon, hot-glued into a loop shape on the back of the wreath, is the hanger:

All done!

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