Ornament Wreath

Friday, December 14, 2007

One of the other little crafts I'm making for some friends that celebrate Christmas is ornament wreaths.

They are really easy to make - all you need is floral stem wire (I used 26ga), scissors, ornaments:

...a wire wreath form, and garland:

First, I just tied one end of the garland to the wreath form with floral wire, then wound the rest of the garland around & around & around the form:

I secured the other end of the garland to the form, and that part was all done:
The garland hides the wreath form and all the wiring for securing the ornaments (and it just looks nice).

Next, I took the ornaments one by one and put a length of floral wire through the hanging loop of the ornament:

...and pushed the two ends of the wire through the wreath form:

...and twisted those ends 4-6 times, then cut off the extra with scissors. Next I bend the ends back just the tiniest bit so that they can't scratch anyone:

I'm looking forward to giving these to some of my friends who celebrate Christmas!

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