Barbecue, and Barbecue

Monday, September 11, 2006

My pic of Archibald's Bar-B-Q has been requested to appear in a book about Southern food that's being put into paperback the Spring of 2007...I sure hope it makes it!

I was reading the September 4-11 issue of New York Magazine last week, and noticed a small column entitled, "Hamptons Stink Over BBQ." What's going on is that two men want to open their barbecue restaurant in Sagaponack, New York ("the wealthiest Zip in the world, according to Forbes" states the article).

Here's part of the article:

...neighbors like Jean Sinenberg are convinced (the restaurant) will stink up the area. "There's nothing around to buffer the odor. There's a golf course directly across the street. Do you like to play golf first thing in the morning smelling barbecue?"

I can't imagine anyone complaining! I pass a barbecue restaurant on the way to Av's office every morning and never think anything other than "wow...that smells good!".

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