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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oooooh...I am *so* ready for Spring! We've made a list of tasks to do around the house - I always like to get into the 'Spring Cleaning' thing really big. Av's been doing some painting, and I took a bit of a break from organizing closets and that sort of thing to design my own Spring-y welcome mat. Here's how it went:

I bought one welcome mat with no design on the top. My other materials were:
Spray paint primer in white
Spray paint in pink
Spray paint in lime green (of course, use whatever colors you like best)
Painter's masking tape
Newspaper to put underneath rug and protect the grass from getting painted (this is an outside project)

First, I just laid newspaper out on the lawn for the mat to sit on top of:

Welcome Mat

Then, I sprayed the white primer all over the mat:
Welcome Mat

Once the primer was dry (about two hours in the sunshine), I took the painter's masking tape and made stripes for my first color. I didn't want them to be all the same size, so I taped off different widths:
Welcome Mat

I sprayed my first color - pink:
Welcome Mat

Once that was dry (another couple of hours), I lifted the tape - it looked really nice already!
Welcome Mat

Once that tape had been removed, I taped off the mat for my second color - the green. I did it so that between every green and pink stripe, there would be a stripe of white. In other words, I covered all of the existing pink stripes I had *plus* a little. This made sure there was a stripe of white between the two colors, so it would look neat in the end:
Welcome Mat

Then, I just sprayed the whole thing with the green paint:
Welcome Mat

After a couple of hours, I lifted the last of the tape, and here it is!
Welcome Mat
I think it looks really, really nice. I may try to make a couple of others as little presents - maybe get a little fancier with more colors, or stencil initials or words on the mats. I *really* like the way it turned out!

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