Fleece Scarves in Team Colors

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I decided to try making some fleece scarves in team colors - specifically the orange and navy blue of Av's alma mater, UVA. They'll be perfect for our next football game!

I bought one yard each of orange and navy blue, and a spool of navy thread to match the fleece.

I made two different types of scarves, one for the men in our family and one for the girls. Below is a pic of cutting a 5-1/2" strip the length of the fabric (36" is a pretty good length for a scarf) for the girls' design. I cut the guys' scarves 10" wide.

Okay, I know this picture below looks a little sloppy, but that's what's so neat about this project - that the tiny imperfections in the ability to cut or sew completely straight (I didn't use pins) won't screw it up. What you do is sew a tube - so you just sew along one edge, then the other, leaving a 1/2"-1" border (but try to stick to one or the other). When you've accomplished that, just turn it inside out so your seams disappear.

Below: here it is, turned inside-out so it's correct now. I sewed a line across both ends....

...then cut so that there was 1" of fabric below the line I sewed, then I just made little cuts almost up to the line, through both layers of fabric, at 1" intervals.

Below: looks nice!

For the more feminine scarves, I just sewed a line right down the center of both layers of fabric (together):

Then I moved over to the sofa and cut fringe at about 1" or so intervals:

Below:...and here it is, all done! It's nice and a little poofy, and very fun-looking. I can't wait to wear it! Wah-hoo-wah!

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