Christenberry's Coca-Cola Mural, Commissioning Water Tower, And Hot/Cold

Monday, April 03, 2017

One of William Christenberry's most iconic images is of this Coca-Cola 5 cent mural in Demopolis, Alabama -- this is as I photographed it last month

5 cent Coca-Cola Mural, Demopolis AL
As it appeared in Christenberry's photograph in 1976 (the HC that's visible in that date is a Sinclair Gasoline HC mural)
Again, in 1980.

Further up, to the left: "Relieves Fatigue. Sold Everywhere 5c":

5 cent Coca-Cola Mural, Demopolis AL

The Coca-Cola mural is on the Rosenbush warehouse -- it's behind the Rosenbush Furniture Company building, both which Bert and Mary Louise gave to the city several years ago. I think the furniture store part used as some sort of museum and event space now.
Rosenbaum Building, Demopolis AL

The other side of the building shows the Owl Cigar mural, and all the way to the end, a very faint Bull Durham Tobacco mural. Above the word 'cigar' here, where it reads 'the old reliable' -- that's also part of the Bill Durham mural. This is one of the tobacco murals that's easier to read.
Owl Cigar Mural, Rosenbaum Building, Demopolis AL

One other thing that can be seen from the Rosenbush buildings is this old water tower, which doesn't seem particularly remarkable...
Water Tower, Demopolis AL
...but someone commissioned an artist to make this of it, which looks rather elegant.

That's the shape water tower that used to serve as a wayfinder in Merigold, Mississippi to get to McCarty Pottery, but it isn't there anymore.

...and my favorite water towers in Ruleville, Mississippi
Water Towers, Ruleville MS

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