St Roch Market

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lunch at St. Roch Market
St Roch Market, New Orleans

St Roch Market, New Orleans

The idea is that you can walk the perimeter and just forage -- everybody sells something different. Bread one place, cookies another, fruit someplace else. Here, the boys wanted bagel; Av was up for gumbo
Gumbo, Bagel at St Roch Market

Bagel at St Roch Market

Shugie at St Roch Market

Gumbo, St. Roch Market, New Orleans

This coconut curry Gulf shrimp with jalapeno, jasmine rice, fresh lime and cilantro was from Elysian Seafood -- and it was all kinds of delicious.
Coconut Curry Gulf Shrimp from St Roch Market, New Orleans

The developers of St Roch Market are expanding to Nashville -- they'll be opening a similar concept (and will carry the name St Roch, even) at what was the May Hosiery Mill on Chestnut Street there. St Roch Nashville is set to open early next year.

Another food hall is being developed in the old Pizitz building in downtown Birmingham, and some vendors have been announced. Eater for some reason felt the need to throw a dagger and when writing about the subject, had this question: Once a trend reaches Birmingham, Alabama, does that mean New Yorkers must be totally over it? K, Eater. Anyway, I know Av is going to be speaking with Bayer in the next month or two about the Pizitz project, and I'll share more information then.

No doubt, it will be new and shiny and wonderful, but I have so much love for the originals, like Lexington Market (since 1782) in Baltimore:
Lexington Market, Baltimore MD

Lexington Market, Baltimore MD

Lexington Market, Baltimore MD

Lexington Market, Baltimore MD

Faidley's, Lexington Market, Baltimore MD

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