Ziplining, And Zip Coaster?

Monday, June 20, 2016

We hosted some guests from Israel this summer, and one of the activities we did was take them ziplining at Red Mountain Park in Birmingham. *So fun!*

The first thing we came up on was the new Schaeffer Eye Center 'Schaeffer Spectacles' sculpture -- they're a little hard to see at this time of day but so neat:
Schaeffer Glasses Sculpture at Red Mountain Park, Birmingham
(and lots of love to Schaeffer, as that's where I had my LASIK (best thing ever), they do so much for our community, and we know them -- they're just a great family.)

There are different things to do at the park: hike, a new Segway tour, and they also have an hour-long ziplining tour with seven different ziplines -- that's what we did.

The last time I ziplined was across the lake at Camp Mac with my adventure group. Ashley took this slow-mo vid of me going across! Hilarious!
Camp Mac

This gave me a bit of a pause. I seriously didn't think at first my legs were long enough so I could make it from board to board on that wobbly bridge

Ziplining at Red Mountain Park, Birmingham

Did it. Heh. No makeup and not my greatest pic (so relieved I'm almost cross-eyed!!) but gosh am I so happy to have made it across!
Me in my ziplining gear

Ziplining at Red Mountain Park, Birmingham

Ziplining at Red Mountain Park, Birmingham

Ziplining at Red Mountain Park, Birmingham

So much crazy fun. Shug likes to do the zipline at the Birmingham Zoo. I think later this year we may take everybody to Georgia where they have the world's largest zipline tour.

I just read that at the new Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi, they have a cloud coaster which is some kind of zipline ride -- not sure, but maybe something like this?

Roller Coaster Zipline from Taylor-Rae Kotschenreuther on Vimeo.

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