Setting Up Las Vegas Wonderfulness

Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy New Year!
It's Las Vegas week on DFK!

There are family vacations and there are date nights and there are girls days.

But of all these, Leslie and I -- friends for over 15 years -- have never gone off for a few days just the two of us (other than family vacations together, the furthest the two of us have gone afield is the time we took the day to visit Graceland Too, its own life-altering experience).

Leslie's little one is two so she can, for the first time, get away a little bit now. So it was time: let's make a grown-up girl trip. Aah-may-zinnng!

The last time I was in Las Vegas was over ten years ago, for a work conference. We stayed that time at Mandalay Bay and although I was open to whatever, it was the hotel we chose to stay for this trip. I think it was several hundred dollars less expensive that some of the more interesting hotels on the other end of the strip and I knew it was nice (plus with tram/walking/cabs/Uber, not a huge concern) so we were great with it.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV

Not all of the rooms have been renovated, but we were lucky enough to be given one at check-in:

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV

We got here right at lunch and although had already made plans for almost all other meals, we wanted something quick, easy, and nearby for lunch. We saw that Hubert Keller's Burger Bar was in the hotel and headed straight over. Okay, let's see what Hubert Keller dreams up for hamburgers.

Burger Bar, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV

Leslie had the eponymous burger, which turned out to be under-seasoned buffalo on ciabatta. I had a lamb burger which wasn't seasoned at all, along with a little sack of fries (though the fries on their own were perfect). Ah, a little disappointing.

But that's okay -- while this wasn't much, we weren't looking for much. And the trip turned out to include three of the great meals of my life (seriously.). One of those on tomorrow's post.

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