Thrillist's Best Burger In America Is In Tupelo. And They're Right.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

We found a place we love in Tupelo. Neon Pig.

It even beat out ~30 other places, including Company Burger, Hog and Hominy, and in the finals, a place in San Francisco (though doesn't it make you wonder how this turns out fairly since so many places are in high-density areas thus would seemingly have a larger voter pool, and how many people have had each?). Still, I imagine that the voters got it right.

Before we get too far, the Neon Pig is situated in a small space in just a regular, nothing-special shopping center. But that really has nothing to do with anything. This is what awaits inside.

Neon Pig, Tupelo MS
Not just cowboy cut, but a Benton's bacon-cured cowboy cut.

Black grouper, red snapper...
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

Among the cheeses, those from Many Fold Farm (Serenbe) -- and at top, kimchi-marinated pork belly.
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

along with sage advice

Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

Help yourself to a can or bottle of...and some fresh produce (and Sugaree's) for home
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

The boys wanted grilled cheese, and I decided to have the salad: tomatoes, corn, Benton's, arugula, pickled onions, dressed with a combination of 'white gold' and harisa. Terrific. Sweet, sour, savory with pops of corn, meatiness of tomato. Will order this every time.
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

This is a deconstructed Smash burger -- the one they are well-known for. Av's a purist, so he orders just meat and bread. But this pie plate shows the accessories -- Benton's, cheddar, quick pickles, pickled onion, hoisin, and comeback:
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

Loved the burger. It's a combination of aged filet, sirloin, ribeye, new york, and Benton's. The way it's cooked has a real backyard grill quality in taste. Perfect. Av thinks it's right up there with Chez FonFon in Birmingham.
Neon Pig, Tupelo MS

Go early or go late, because the word is out on how great this place is, and the seating capacity is crazy-small.

The bracket that Neon Pig won for best burger: here on Thrillist.

Next time in Tupelo, we're trying their sister restaurant, Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen.

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