Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, Savannah GA
Several months ago, we were in Savannah and had lunch at Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, something I've wanted to do for so long.  It's been in business since 1943 as a boardinghouse -- and while the lower portion of the structure is the restaurant, upstairs is a condo that can be reserved.

We tried to get there early as the restaurant is known to have a line, and we waited almost an hour -- hot but happy...
Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, Savannah GA

...and completely worth it (besides, we made some new friends in line, and even more around our table!)
Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, Savannah GA

Among the offerings -- this restaurant, like Dillard House and many other family-style restaurants just puts everything on the table, and you take what you like -- fried Chicken, sausage, meatloaf, cabbage, peas, macaroni and cheese, butter beans, black-eyed peas, rutabaga, squash, rice and gravy, potato salad, baked apples, dressing, greens, biscuits and cornbread, and more:
Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, Savannah GA

...'nana puddin' for dessert!
Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, Savannah GA
It was all completely delicious (the fried chicken pieces were small but terrific) and was a great experience.  Loved the boys having the experience of making fast friends with people from all over the country.   There are worlds of other fantastic options in Savannah, but on our upcoming trips I think we will always make the effort to come here again.  Yes, yes.

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