Your State: Glittered, A Little Preppy, And Dimensional. As A Good State Should Be.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I've seen framed state outlines in different shops and they're just...a.) completely cute and b.) completely doable in less than fifteen minutes.  I have a small area in our master bedroom (which is decorated in magenta and kelly green, it's the dream bedroom I always wanted from high school, really) between two doors that needed something sweet and happy, and this was perfect:

Here I wanted to do the two states I've lived in primarily, Alabama and Texas.  I had two shadow box frames -- because I wanted this to be dimensional for more interest -- so I got nice background scrapbook paper, glitter paper, and one puffy letter from the craft store (to cut, to raise the glittered state off the background) for each state.

Online, I printed the shape of each state.  Here, top-left, I'm making certain that I like the idea against this sweet pink and green argyle but of course you could use *anything*, then, bottom-left, cut the state out of glitter paper.  For the depth of my shadow box frame, I cut two pieces of the foam letter and stacked them (ensuring that I was getting a good depth for the frame) and hot-glued them together, between the glitter-paper state cutout and the argyle background paper.  Put it all together...
Dimensional State Art

and love:
Dimensional State Art

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