Channeling Summer: Giant Watermelon, Queens, And Running Hot And Cold

Monday, January 27, 2014

This summer on our way to Lockhart, Texas, we passed this giant watermelon water tower in Luling:
Luling, Texas Watermelon Water Tower
Luling is also home to the annual 'Watermelon Thump' and of course, the Watermelon Thump Queen.

While I did my share of pageants when I was little -- this one I brought home from Atlanta -- I still remember trying to pick it up when they announced my name:

Most Beautiful Girl Pageant, Atlanta GA

...ah, I wish I'd gone further as I got older and competed for titles I would've *dreamed of* like Miss Lecompte Pie (me + pie = yes!), Miss Hot Tamale (uh, yeah!), Miss Biscuit (I would have gotten to actually make biscuits!), Miss Vidalia Onion (tears of joy!) and others.  However, I wonder if I might be one of the only girls who were a Miss Merry Christmas and Little Miss Easter (seriously - part of my prize, besides the trophy and crown, was picking out a real live bunny, who I named 'Charlie') who went on to receive her Sisterhood's Light of Torah award as a grownup.  But winning the festival in Luling sounds *wonderful*.  All hail Queen Watermelon Thump!

Also, there isn't a pageant at these next two festivals, but the world needs a Miss Slugburger and a Miss RC and Moon Pie too.

Well, back to water towers -- these, my favorite water towers in the universe -- we found them in Ruleville, Mississippi:
Water Towers, Ruleville MS

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