Tallulah's Still There

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tallulah Hotel Tilework, Cordova AL

Downtown Cordova, AL

In 2009, we were in Cordova, Alabama and stopped for a couple of pics.  In 2011, this exact piece of land, and that around it, was forever changed by the tornado that come through.  The tornado left a damage path that was a staggering 116.45 miles long, and at the time it came through downtown here, was an EF-3, 1/2 mile wide (Cordova actually got hit by two tornadoes that day, one the EF-3 and another in the afternoon that was an EF-4).  Since that time, there were fires, and the city decided to sweep the foundations clean.

This is what's left:
Downtown Cordova, Alabama

Downtown Cordova, Alabama

Downtown Cordova, Alabama

The Tallulah in tile was from the old Tallulah Hotel -- named after Walker County native Tallulah Bankhead.

Relieved to see that Tallulah's still here.  Hopefully this will be able to be preserved in some fashion:
Downtown Cordova, Alabama

Auburn's Urban Studio has been working on helping Cordova:

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