Roasted Jalapeno Not-Pimento Cheese

Monday, October 07, 2013

What to call something that is pretty clearly the genus of pimento cheese but made without pimentos?  Roasted jalapeno not-pimento cheese is what I'm going with.  First of all, love jalapenos in any fashion.  Second of all, if you put in equal parts cream cheese to mayonnaise, you get this whole jalapeno popper thing.

And if you have ever been to a party where people serve armadillo eggs, imagine if you put cooked bacon/sausage in this.  *Then* what would you call it?  Armadillo cheese?  That really does not sound good but imagine it as a grilled cheese sandwich.  Yes.

So these are the jalapenos I started with...some green, some red...just about everything else here from the farmer's market:
Pimento Cheese With Jalapenos Instead

Slice them down the middle.  I halfway thought about going ahead and seeding them, but they are really so much easier to seed after roasting.
Pimento Cheese With Jalapenos Instead

This is not so much a recipe as a ratio to keep in mind for your particular liking.  Grate enough cheese (I like monterey-jack) for whatever you're doing -- snacking, sandwiches, melting for dip -- then add equal parts mayonnaise and cream cheese to get the smooth consistency you like, then as many jalapenos as you want for heat.  Salt, pepper, done.

Place in a bag the split jalapenos with a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper.  Shake, place onto a parchment paper-lined baking pan skin-side up, and roast at 400* for 15-20 minutes.  You'll know they're ready because they are looking somewhat deflated and the skin is wrinkling nicely:
Pimento Cheese With Jalapenos Instead

Pimento Cheese With Jalapenos Instead

Back of the spoon easily removes the skin, flip over and use the spoon to seed:
Pimento Cheese With Jalapenos Instead

Still life with jalapeno:
Pimento Cheese With Jalapenos Instead

This is what Cuisinart was made for: grate the cheese, switch blades, add mayonnaise and cream cheese, jalapenos, and blitz til done:
Pimento Cheese With Jalapenos Instead

For those who only like a little heat, process until the peppers are small like this so it's a little safer choice for a party:
Pimento Cheese With Jalapenos Instead
If you're like me and like big swaths of pepper, process that last bit very lightly and it's perfect.

Each Friday for an hour at 5:30p, the Atlanta Ritz-Carlton lobby bar, Lumen, brings in guest 'pimentologists' to prepare their signature pimento cheese for guests.

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