Best Stop = Best Boudin.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If ever there existed a map indicating the epicenter of deliciousness, that pinpoint would be riiiiiight here.  Best Stop, in Scott, Louisiana -- which just happens to be the boudin capital of the world (seriously).

It's a Disney World of Cajun wonderfulness.
Best Stop, Scott LA

Stuffed, smoked, marinated and deboned?  Well yeah.

Best Stop, Scott LA

Best Stop, Scott LA

Brisket, stuffed and seasoned.  Stuffed Quail.  Stuffed pork roast.  Stuffed pork chops.  Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.  Stuffed mushrooms.  Deboned stuffed fryer with seasoned pork.  Stuffed duck breast.
Best Stop, Scott LA

Bring your styro cooler, or your Yeti.
Best Stop, Scott LA

No matter what, get the boudin.  Each day, they sell two thousand pounds of it.  On their website, they list the ingredients: 'pork meat, a little pork liver, onions, bell peppers, red pepper, black pepper, salt, and msg. cooked in a big boiling pot for a long time... Once cooked it is ground then mixed with rice, green onions, and more red pepper, black pepper, salt, and msg. After is has all been mixed it is stuffed into a sausage like casing.'  And if, like me, you rebuff msg in principle, put it aside just for this one thing. Crazy delicious.
Boudin, Best Stop, Scott Louisiana

And the boudin balls.  Yes.
Boudin Ball, Best Stop, Scott LA

Boudin Ball, Best Stop, Scott LA

The annual Boudin Cookoff in Lafayette was last weekend, and here are the winners.

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