Thursday, July 18, 2013

I have a friend with a home on Sullivan's Island near Charleston who invited two of us to her beach home this past spring (Av encouraged me to go especially since he was going away for the leadership class retreats he was a part of this year). It was magnificent, and although I was there a little less than three days, we got to see and do so much.

Well, first of all, we walked to the beach every day.  Sea urchin:
Sea Urchin

Sand dollar (a live one):
Sand Dollar

...and lots of jellyfish of all shapes and sizes:

Jellyfish, Sullivan's Island, SC



We toured the historic KKBE synagogue, which was founded as Sephardic Orthodox in 1749 and since 1841 has been Reform. It's the second-oldest synagogue building in the country and the oldest continually used:
KKBE, Charleston SC

KKBE, Charleston SC

Know Before Whom Thou Standest:
KKBE, Charleston SC

...and we toured their cemetery on Coming Street:
KKBE Cemetery, Charleston SC

Into Thy Hand I Commit My Spirit:
KKBE Cemetery, Charleston SC

KKBE Cemetery, Charleston SC

...and we went to Magnolia Cemetery on Cunnington Avenue where one of the stones is pretty well known -- sweet Rosalie Raymond White, whose monument is a cradle with her death mask:
Magnolia Cemetery, Raymond, Charleston South Carolina

Magnolia Cemetery, Raymond, Charleston South Carolina

Magnolia Cemetery, Raymond, Charleston South Carolina

Magnolia Cemetery, Raymond, Charleston South Carolina

...where the crews of the Hunley are buried:
Hunley Crews, Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston SC

We also did a lot of looking at the beautiful historic homes, doing jewelry shopping, and Charleston sweetgrass basket shopping -- although somehow I didn't buy anything during the entire visit:
Charleston Sweetgrass Baskets

There was lunch at Hominy Grill one day, with she-crab soup:
She Crab Soup at Hominy Grill, Charleston

I had the 'picnic sampler' which is an appetizer, for my entree -- pimento cheese, okra pickles, garlic toasts, shaved country ham, and pickled eggs:
Picnic Sampler pimento cheese, shaved country ham, pickled eggs, okra pickles & garlic toasts at Hominy Grill, Charleston

and Charleston red rice:
Charleston Red Rice at Hominy Grill, Charleston

One evening we had dessert at Village Bakery in Mount Pleasant, and I got this sweet tea creme brulee:
Sweet Tea Creme Brulee, Village Bakery, Mt Pleasant SC

Lunch another day was at SNOB Slightly North of Broad, with another picnic plate of pimento cheese on toast, pate, pickled vegetables, and a little salad:
Picnic Plate: pimento cheese, toast, housemade pâté, pickled vegetables, petite salad at Slightly North of Broad, Charleston SC

...and our last lunch was at Magnolia's where we shared an appetizer of potato chips with bleu cheese and scallions, a little pimento cheese, and I had a crabcake sandwich (that I just ate as crabcake only):
Crab Cake Sandwich, Pimento Cheese, Potato Chips with Bleu Cheese and Scallions at Magnolia's, Charleston SC

It was so terrific being in Charleston, and Sullivan's Island -- lying in the hammock every day, being steps away from the beach -- the lighthouse:
Lighthouse at Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

My friend was a terrific host...but I missed my boys terribly especially as this was only my second overnight away from them, and was so, so, so happy to be home again.  Can't wait to bring them here!
Beach Rocks, Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

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