Dionicio Rodriguez' Art in Houston

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I've written about artist Dionicio Rodriguez before -- among other works is the environment he did for Memorial Park in Memphis, the Crystal Shrine Grotto.  In Houston, we saw many pieces of his work at Woodlawn Cemetery (which is super-close to IKEA, if that helps):
Art of Dionicio Rodriguez, Woodlawn Garden of Memories Cemetery, Houston

He's famous for his faux bois work, and here in the distance you can see a bench that in many ways resembles a fallen tree:
Art of Dionicio Rodriguez, Woodlawn Garden of Memories Cemetery, Houston

The site is on the National Register along with others that feature his work:Art of Dionicio Rodriguez, Woodlawn Garden of Memories Cemetery, Houston
From Woodlawn's own site:
Special areas were platted for flat markers in Woodlawn, and itinerant Mexican sculptor, Diomcio Rodriguez, who worked in a technique known as both faux bois (false wood) and irabajo rustico (rustic work), was commissioned to create inexpensively produced cement sculptures for embellishment of the cemetery. He made a 25’ high cross of what appears to be cross-sawn timbers, but is actually textured and colored cement. Benches made of “planks” appear throughout the cemetery, along with a 36’ long “fallen tree” bench. Additional work includes a large basket planter, a honeycomb rock fountain and planter, and the “Annie Laurie Wishing Chair.” The chair, made of imitation cut stone, is a copy of the original in the forecourt of a church in Scotland. A plaque on the chair reveals the legend that “if a couple sits in the chair on their wedding day, holds hands and makes a wish, it will come true.”

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