The Bankheads

Posted by ginger On Tuesday, April 03, 2012

This is 'Sunset' in Jasper -- Senator John Hollis Bankhead's home.  He was known as 'father of good roads' and was father of a Senator, and a Speaker of the House, and Marie Bankhead Owen who was described as being as much a part of the state as its mountains.  He was grandfather to Tallulah.

Sunset, John Hollis Bankhead Home, Jasper AL

This is the William Brockman Bankhead home -- he was the son who was Speaker of the House for four years during FDR's presidency -- and this is now called the Bankhead House and Heritage Center.  William was Tallulah's father and she was married here:
William Brockman Bankhead Home, Jasper AL

We were there for an exhibit...
Bankhead Home and Museum, Jasper AL

...but when I told one of the volunteers that I enjoyed Tallulah, she took me upstairs to see what had been her bedroom (which is now an administrative office if I remember correctly) and some of her effects that they have on exhibit:

Bankhead Home and Museum, Jasper AL

The last entry here is Tennessee Williams in Key West:
Bankhead Home and Museum, Jasper AL