Happy Birthday!

Friday, July 01, 2011

We had Shug's birthday party this past week -- *so* fun!  He wanted it to be at the pool, and 25 of his friends came.  The kids played in the pool -- we all played in the pool -- and we came under the tent to have lunch: pb&j, pimento cheese sandwiches, snack mix, watermelon, moon pies, goo-goo clusters, lemonade, water (plus cans of Grapico, RC, and Sun Drop for the grownups), the cutest watermelon cookies ever, and a pool-party cake.  Lots of fun in the water with noodles, cups, floats, and beach balls!

Shug's Birthday!
(above: we're both trying to blow out the candles!)

He is still talking about how great the party was, and how much fun he had with his friends at the pool.  I have a feeling his next birthday party will be at the pool too...

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