Goodbye Sweet Myrtice

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Myrtice West at Kentuck 2006

Myrtice West passed away on Monday at home in Centre. She'd been in the hospital for a while after suffering a stroke. Her funeral was Wednesday; she'd been a member at Centre First Baptist and services were at Perry with burial at Hebron Cemetery. I wasn't able to go. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Myrtice West's Art, Kentuck Festival of the Arts, Northport AL

One day a few years ago, just out of the blue, she wrote me asking if I had this one certain book she had been featured in. I did, and I and put it in the mail to her that day. She asked to pay me for it, but there was no way I was doing that. She'd lost so many things in her house fire; any little bit I could do for her I certainly was going to.

It wasn't a week later...she sent me a painting in the mail.

Myrtice West at Kentuck Festival of the Arts, Northport AL

Shug's got her painting of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments in his room:

Myrtice suffered in her life two miscarriages, the murder of her only daughter, a house fire, and the death of her husband, Wallace. But she was strong. She was a strong, strong lady.
Myrtice West's Art, Kentuck Festival of the Arts, Northport AL

She always asked to please pray for her and her grandson Bram and granddaughter Kara.

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