Folk School Sessions

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The next session of the Alabama Folk School is coming up, and residents of Walker County are getting to attend tuition free. Well, they pay $70 for dinner and supper each day, but that's it.

This session from January 31 - February 3 is called a 'Sample the Arts Workshop' so attendees can begin the day with one class and end with another.

The bluegrass menu includes:
Guitar - Herb Trotman
Mandolin - Jason Bailey
Bass - Kathy Hinkle
Fiddle - Gathel Runnels

The crafts menu:
Pottery with a Native American Flair - Ruth Manasco
Pine Needle Basketry - Jean Kerr
Carpentry - Dick Keydoszius & Mark Johnston
Appalachian Clogging - JoAnna Laney
Felting a "Fantasy Flower" - Jackie Miller
Metal Art Clay Jewelry (99.9% pure silver ) - Nancy Burleson


After the Sampler Workshop, the next big session is from April 5-8:

Illustrated Discovery Journal - Marilynn Brandenburger
Timber Frame Construction - Stephen Morrison
White Oak Basketry - Bill & Mary Ann Smith
River Photography - Beth Maynor Young
Gee's Bend Quilters - Mary Ann & China Pettway
Guitar - Jim Hurst
Banjo - Herb Trotman
Mandolin - Jason Bailey
Bass - Kathy Hinkle
Intermediate/Advanced Fiddle - Barbara Lamb

...and after that, June 13-17 is Camp Fasola. Yes.

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