The Blue Willow, Scottsboro AL

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On our last trip to Scottsboro, we had lunch at The Blue Willow. It's a family-run restaurant in an older blue Victorian home very close to downtown.

To be honest, there aren't a great deal of non-chain restaurants here; we've been to Liberty Restaurant which is a little meat & 3 and (this kind of thing charms me) just like at Mary Mac's in Atlanta, the way you order is by marking your choices on a little slip of paper with one of those teensy putt-putt type pencils. Or at least that's how it was done the last time we were there, which was ages ago...

Payne's Soda Shop is also downtown - they've been in business since 1869 which makes them the oldest soda fountain in the state - but I *think* they may only be open during the week because the last two or three Saturdays we have been in Scottsboro, they have been closed. If you like coleslaw on your hotdog, they make slaw dogs here - except the slaw is red(!).

Well, the Blue Willow is something else. That's how it was described to me a couple of months ago when I went to lunch with a couple of girls who said I *had* to go, that it was a real experience.

First of all, the outside looks like it was put together by a person who never met a yard sale they didn't like! haha!:
The Blue Willow, Scottsboro AL

The Blue Willow, Scottsboro AL

Okay, the inside too:
The Blue Willow, Scottsboro AL

And it's all for sale. You can just take it pay for it along with your supper if you like.

The front sign of the restaurant says that they are the "home of Blue Willow bourbon butter". I could taste the bourbon in the butter but...to be completely honest...I'm not sure it was an improvement on just butter in this case:
The Blue Willow, Scottsboro AL

This is barbecue pork chop (I don't even like pork chops but this was good), blackeyed peas, mashed potatoes, and cabbage casserole. Wonderful!
The Blue Willow, Scottsboro AL

And since we're talking about Scottsboro...
February 1st of next year will be the grand opening of the Scottsboro Boys Museum, and right now in New York, casting is taking place for the world premiere of Scottsboro Boys, the musical. The musical! Okay...

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