Stray Art Salon Show

Friday, November 20, 2009

Last night, Av and I went to the Stray Art Salon show at The Club in B'ham. I wish it were open to everyone, but it's only from tonight through Friday and Saturday in the Gold Room (11a - 9p) for members and their guests only. Thankfully we're members so we got to see the show and then have a little supper. I wish somehow they had opened this event up to everyone, but I'll post again when Stray Art Salon is at a different venue - we'll definitely be at that one too. Here I caught a rare lull and got this pic of part of the space:

The group is made up of ten members -

Deborah Ballog, who I met yesterday in person when Leslie and I took a glass jewelry class from her (more about that early next week!!) - wish I had taken a pic of some of her glass art but I was so busy going on & on about it...anyway...great pics of her work here.

Laura Brookhart - photographer, photo montage artist

Don Estes - oils and pastels

Toby Klein - mixed media...lots of glass. Av's parents have several of her works.

Warren Mullins - watercolor

Beverly Owen - oil

Deb Paradise - porcelain:

Jeannie Robertson - watercolor, pastel, oil, paste

Hank Siegel - photography

Arthur Umlauf - sculptor - he works in everything from ceramics to wood to bronze, alabaster, and Sylacauga marble, which this piece below is made from:

We were talking about his family being from Austin and his dad was the late Charles Umlauf. If you're 'into' sculpture or are familiar with the Austin area, you probably know the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum. Nice!

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