Burritt On The Mountain

Monday, November 09, 2009

Last month, we went to Huntsville to see an exhibit of Av's friend Margaret Ann Goldsmith's family heirlooms at Burritt on the Mountain.

I had never been there before and didn't even know what to expect, but it's really fantastic! There's a gorgeous mansion on the grounds:

These wedding dresses are in one of the rooms that housed her family exhibit:
Margaret Ann owns the building in downtown Huntsville that Tallulah Bankhead was born in, and she is a big folk/visionary art collector like we are. I keep telling Av that he needs to finally let me meet her since we have so much in common! Tallulah + visionary art? We'd be instant best friends!

Outside the mansion is a really great view of Huntsville. Besides the mansion, there is also a barnyard:

Several log cabins, many of which you can go inside:

Outside this cabin was a woman demonstrating a home craft. She did knitting, basketry, and other things:

Love this fencing:

...and this is the 1884 Madison Baptist Church, where they still hold sacred harp singings:

The day before, there had been a wedding here and the back of the room was still set up. With the church, mansion, and the view of Huntsville...

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