Fall / Sukkah Holiday Child Craft

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's the holiday of Sukkot so we made a fall-season craft: leaf windows. Well, they probably have a million different names but that's what I call them! It's a good child craft because the little ones can pick out leaves and decide where to hang the finished product.

We started with colorful hydrangea leaves:

All that's needed is an iron (set to dry heat), a thin dish towel, wax paper, scissors, and twine or string to hang the windows.

These pics are in sequential order:

Allow the iron to get hot, place a leaf on a sheet of wax paper, cover with an equal-sized piece of wax paper, place a thin dish towel over the whole thing, iron for 20-30 seconds or so on the dish towel, check to make sure the wax has melted/adhered. You can peek under the dish towel as many times as you like while ironing to see that the two layers of wax paper have made a good seal.

It's not a super-bonded seal that the wax paper makes - here are two strips that I peeled apart to show - it's just enough of a seal to keep everything together:

Here's one I made using pine needles as a 'frame' for the leaf:

...covered it with another sheet of wax paper, ironed over the dish towel, then:

...used scissors to make a better square shape, poked a hole at the top, and used twine to hang:

They're a fun little craft for children.

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