Visiting Jerry Brown

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

We visited Jerry Brown and his sweet wife Sandra at his shop in Hamilton and he gave the boys the grand tour! It was great - here he is showing them the inside of the wood fired brick kiln:

He's the 9th generation of his family to be a potter, and makes his own glazes and digs his own clay, using his mule 'Blue' to mix it. Shug wants to go visit Blue:

The mill that Blue turns:

Inside the shop - see these strawberry facejug pots? Nobody else is doing this - they're brand new!

We came home with this face jug teapot:

September 19th is the Monte Sano Art Show in Huntsville (it was wonderful last year!) and I think Jerry told me he will be there again this year. My friend Conor O'Brien, who was a featured artist last year, will be there again this year also. Can't wait!

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