Vernacular Typography

Sunday, June 07, 2009

One of the groups on Flickr is called 'The Center for Vernacular Typography' - here are a few I've taken from all around B'ham:

A used car "diller":

Some of these are soooo good...beautiful lettering, or just different...

This I like because where else can you find these at the top of a huge gas station sign?

Hay you!

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Favorite Restaurants:
1. Commander's Palace, New Orleans LA
2. Arnaud's, New Orleans LA
3. Antoine's, New Orleans LA
4. Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS
5. Root, New Orleans LA
6. Chez Fonfon, Birmingham AL
7. Taylor Grocery, Taylor MS
8. Ninfa's on Navigation, Houston TX
9. Lusco's, Greenwood MS
10. The Dinner Bell, McComb MS

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