Akron, Alabama

Monday, June 15, 2009

The other day, we went to Greensboro and stopped in a few other places in the Black Belt. On the way through Moundville where all the great Indian mounds are, this abandoned church with the great entranceway was a few miles out of town:

In Akron was this church on 7th Street:


Auburn's Rural Studio has done a few projects in Akron, like the Seniors' Center:

The Akron Boys and Girls Club I (if you look *really* close you can see an old Coca-Cola ghost sign in the brick):

...and the Akron Boys and Girls Club II, which has a half-size basketball court under the lamella:

...and one of the churches that Rural Studio did in Perry County - Antioch Baptist - was listed as one of the "six Protestant churches that strive to match form with faith" last month in Christianity Today magazine.

(more Rural Studio visits tomorrow!)

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