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Friday, March 20, 2009

Frommers has listed the 12 "best new" destinations for 2009, and among them - Washington DC, Capetown, Belfast, Istanbul, Berlin - is the Civil Rights Trail from Selma to Montgomery (that's the Edmund Pettus bridge I took a pic of a couple of years ago, above).  

They say:
What happened forty years ago between Selma and Montgomery -- the antecedent for the Voting Rights Act -- is why the U.S. will welcome Barack Obama into the White House this year. It's additionally important because the U.S. southeast is rich both historically and culturally, and the Trail provides a very accessible window to an often overlooked region by tourists. The Civil Rights Trail captures a moment in history through its many small museums -- both in Selma and Montgomery -- and also in the journey visitors take to travel from place to place. For families, it's a well-marked trail that offers changing views, numerous stops, and the type of generational discussions that great journeys are made of. Highlights include the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the Slavery & Civil War Museum, the Rosa Parks Museum, and the Maya Lin-designed Civil Rights Monument.

This is the Maya Lin-designed Civil Rights Monument:
Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery AL

The Washington Post just did a story about the trail, too.

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