Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yay! Ooooh this makes me feel so good. Av's mom came over yesterday and helped watch the babies (along with our nanny, who I so glad we hired to help me a few hours each day! It's not easy entertaining a newborn and a 17-month old by yourself!) so I could make some pies for a church here in town that feeds the hungry.

Usually I make about 25 pies for this particular church on the big holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter - but this year I was afraid to commit to so many because of course I have the boys to look after. I told them that I would bake as many as I could but probably not anywhere close to my usual.

Since I had help yesterday, though, they're going to get 13 pies from us - at least! I may be able to bake some more later tonight, so we'll see. Above is a pic of what I have so far: buttermilk pumpkin, pecan, buttermilk coconut, and hot fudge. I'd like to make a couple more Jeff Davis pies (they're like chess pies except more spices - so good) and maybe a few peanut butter pies. Oh, and maybe one or two Pawleys Island pies. Hmmmm...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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