Scrapbook Paper Dragonflies

Monday, October 13, 2008

I was thinking of other crafts to make for the sukkah, and came up with the idea to use a clothespin and scrapbook paper to make dragonflies. I think these turned out really great, and besides a sukkah craft, these would be great in the summertime hanging on the porch like a mobile.

folk art acrylic paint for clothespins, brush
scrapbook paper - if there's a chance these might get wet, laminate the paper
glue - Elmer's or Sobo
clear line for hanging
optional: glitter, seed beads for embellishing the dragonfly clothespin

Paint one clothespin for every dragonfly. If you like, you can glitter or glue tiny seed beads on too:

I used two different scrapbook paper designs for each butterfly:

Folded the paper in half lengthwise and cut them together (so both sides cut exactly the same) - here is one sheet by itself - since each dragonfly has two sets of wings, I made one wing set shorter and one longer:

Take the two short sets of wings and glue them back to back - so there is contrast if the dragonfly is spinning and you can see the top and bottom. Do the same for the long set of wings:

Put a dab of glue on these two spots inside the clothespin:

Center the wings inside the clothespin and let dry:

Use clear string to tie them for hanging:

Here they are!:

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