Kudzu Bottle Tree!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We did make it to ArtWalk Friday night after Temple, and went to the space of Kudzu Mama, Beth Borden, first - and guess what was there:

kudzu + bottle tree = going home with me

Well, one can never have too many bottle trees around, right!? I'm going to keep it in all blue bottles so it's a few short right now but I should have it done in a couple of weeks.

Beth was getting a *lot* of attention with her kudzu artwork - Av ran into one of our friends who had already bought a wreath from her that night too. There are more pics of Beth's art here.

The other day I found where someone was taking a new spin on bottle trees, using copper pipe and wire - it's about halfway down this page with complete instructions a few posts further down the page.

...and there are almost 300 pics now in the Bottle Tree Flickr Group I started! This pic in the group is of a bottle tree with some wire-wrapping going on. I like the traditional bottle trees best but love seeing how other people are doing different ones too...

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