Thursday, May 22, 2008

We were driving along 20/59 the other day when we came up behind this. When we were further than this picture, at first, I thought ohmygoodness what poor soul is being taken down the road this way?! What kind of last wish is this!?:

...when I realized when we got closer that it's a racecar! Okay, I don't know anything about racecars, but is this a...what do you call cars that race on dragways? Racecars? Dragsters? Anyway, I guess this is a racecoffin!!

Is that not the craziest thing ever!?

I admit, after I figured it out, I thought it was pretty funny. The driver and I waved and smiled at each other:
Isn't it fun when you meet people with a healthy sense of humor?! Love it.

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