Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Everything is just so pretty right now!

There is one thing that is confusing me, though. The pink perfection I ordered and planted this year...the blooms are just nearly red! When I think of a pink perfection, I think of this one. I sent an email to the nursery that I bought this camellia from today, so hopefully they will let me know something. Maybe there is just a huge variation in the 'pinks' that a pink perfection can be...or maybe they shipped me the wrong variety. Hmmm...either way, it still is really pretty.

Update: the nursery emailed back that they must have had this one mislabeled, and they will be sending me a 'real' pink perfection in the next week! Yay!

Dogwoods everywhere around here are blooming:

About four blocks from our house is this tree that is completely covered with wisteria:

The wisteria vine is just huge - it's wrapped around the trunk of the tree like a giant snake:

Another neighbor of ours has a wisteria vine trained into a low tree shape. This one I love too!

This is right outside our dining room window. It's so nice to look outside and see the wisteria blooming:

Our azaleas are just about to be in full bloom. We have neighbors that have azaleas in sunnier areas and they are already taking off.

I am so proud of our tulips too - so pretty, pink, and tall! Our lawn service is supposed to be here later this week so hopefully they will get the entire house looking good!

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