Shug's First Scrapbook

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On Monday, UPS delivered Shug's first scrapbook! I'm still planning on doing a homemade scrapbook, but this is the one that I did digitally, using Blurb. I am so happy with it!

It goes from Shug's birth to his six month birthday - well actually a bit before birth, because I put several of the ultrasound pics in it.

I ordered two books at first, just to make sure that the print quality and everything was good - we kept one and gave the other to Av's parents, and they flipped over it!

I plan to make a scrapbook for Shug every six months - so the next one will be from six months to his one year birthday.

One of the reasons I really liked doing a scrapbook this way was that I was able to use Blurb's software called BookSmart which has all kinds of different layouts - so even though I know InDesign and could put together a book that way, they had such a good selection of designs that I used BookSmart for the whole thing. I worked on it every couple of days while Shug napped and that really helped me keep up (I'm working on the next book now). Nice!

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