Cruella de Vil, Ribbon Fringe, and Ewe've Got Yarn

Monday, December 17, 2007

I finally finished Cruella de Vil! That's what I named this scarf (it just looks like something Cruella would wear):

I knit it with Juliet #4041 by Skacel and a ball of Berroco Ultra Silk in black #6117. Both of these yarns came from King's Sewing and Knitting Shop in Pensacola.

Leslie made me this scarf:

It's beautiful, and the thing that makes it so different is that when she made the fringe at the ends, she added in ribbon! I love it.

I found a new knit shop! It's called Ewe've Got Yarn, and it's on Rainbow Drive in Rainbow City, AL. I was there about a month ago and bought some Cherry Tree Hill yarn as a little present for a friend.

About two years ago, I tried to visit every knitting shop in the state, and I had almost all of them checked off my list - but I looked on the Berroco site, and there are so many more now it seems. Yay! This website has another list of yarn shops by state, and some of these are not listed on Berroco's. I'm going to print these out and put a copy in my car!

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