Folk Fest August 17-19

Sunday, August 05, 2007

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Folk Fest is coming up next weekend (August 17-19) in Atlanta. One of the really great things is that they're going to have a silent auction, and the proceeds are going to the restoration of Paradise Gardens (Howard Finster's place). If Shug's up to it, we may make this our first out-of-state trip with him...yay!!

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Let's Eat

Favorite Restaurants:
1. Commander's Palace, New Orleans LA
2. Arnaud's, New Orleans LA
3. Antoine's, New Orleans LA
4. Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS
5. Root, New Orleans LA
6. Chez Fonfon, Birmingham AL
7. Taylor Grocery, Taylor MS
8. Ninfa's on Navigation, Houston TX
9. Lusco's, Greenwood MS
10. The Dinner Bell, McComb MS

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