Real Painters Don't Use Tape

Friday, May 18, 2007

The interior painting is done and I could not be happier about it! We got the nursery, one hallway, one bathroom, and the den painted. I don't want to ever pick up a paint brush again - leave it to the professionals! Oh! And I had no idea that *real* painters don't use tape - they have such a steady hand and certain brushes and they don't even need tape. Oh yes. Real painters it is. From now on.

Here are a couple of before and after pics. This first one is of the nursery. It was a huge mess when I took this 'before' pic because we were in the midst of moving everything off the walls and out into another room, but you can see it was a peachy color - this is the only room in the house that Av and I have not painted since living here:
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...and now, it is this not-too-bright but very cheerful yellow. I am in love with this color:
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...and here's the before shot of the hallway:
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--and after, with this fantastic blue color and bright, bright white moldings:
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...are you wondering what all that is in the floor? We're having to move everything out of the kitchen in preparation for the new floor so all my Martha Stewart Living magazines (that's every issue since the first one in 1990!) are lining this hallway. I'll show pics of the new kitchen and den floors next week once they are complete!

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