Hampton Inn and Suites, Vicksburg MS

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The evening we left Natchez, we decided to go ahead and drive up to Vicksburg rather than staying in town so we could save ourselves an hour of driving the next day. I would have liked to have stayed at one of the B&Bs in Vicksburg but since we were going to be getting in so late, I didn't want to have to bother anyone late at night when we would be getting in, especially since I wasn't sure exactly how late it would be.

This time, we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Vicksburg and used our Hilton Honors points since this particular hotel always seems a little overpriced for a Hampton (I've paid less than the $140 this hotel charges on weekends at the Ritz in New Orleans during the December holiday break!). I guess because we used our Hilton Honors points, they bumped us up to the 'executive level' and there were snacks in the room and three different drinks in the mini-fridge.

This has to be the nicest Hampton ever, though. This is the lobby and breakfast area:
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Here is the room:
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The room was pretty large...and this is the first Hampton I've seen with a computer at the desk. It was wired in for internet (we brought our laptop so we just used the wireless connection) but for someone who didn't bring theirs, this would have been really-really nice:
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I was still really glad we saved money and used our points rather than paying for this room, but I hope the next time we are in Vicksburg we won't be coming in late and can stay at one of the B&Bs. When we were driving around the day we left Vicksburg, I found two of them - one is Belle of the Bends, which is #1 on Tripadvisor:
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...and this is Anchuca, which is #3 on Tripadvisor:
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