Artists Incorporated, Leslie, and Frank Fleming

Monday, April 02, 2007

It's finally safe for me to show what I got Leslie for her birthday! She and I both like the Artists Incorporated Gallery - it's a gallery representing only local artists - so I went there and picked out this really different and pretty piece of pottery for her:
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It's made by Sue Fowler, who I found out from her bio likes making pottery that she assembles herself from pinching, etc. rather than working on the wheel. What I liked so much about the piece above is that you can see the layers of clay that she joined to make this shape. The glaze is really different, too.

I hope Leslie likes it! She has a really lovely new house with huge display shelves on each side of the fireplace so I'm thinking it will probably go there. We're going for our pre-Passover chometz-fest ((carb-fest) since we'll be doing without flour, etc. for the next week) at a pizza place today for lunch so I'll be giving it to her then.

The next thing I need to figure out is what to get her for her graduation. Leslie went back to college to get her RN - her whole family is in that field - her dad was a researcher, her mom is a nurse, and her brother, who was one of Av's best friends growing up, is a pediatric oncologist in Atlanta. What is a great present for someone who's graduating as an RN? (Email me at ginger --at-- deepfriedkudzu {dot} com if you have any ideas!)

One more thing! I noticed when I was at the gallery that they didn't have any pieces at all by Frank Fleming. Frank is this *really amazing* artist who works almost entirely in bronze - his website is here and at the bottom you can click on lots of examples of his work (I have a calla lilly, and his catfish men are my favorite). Lowell Vann, who was running the gallery the day I went in, explained that Frank has moved to Huntsville and plans to get started back into production soon, but hasn't made anything lately due to the move.

This is a painting we have by Al O'Brien that depicts "The Storyteller" - it's the collection of animals at the 5 Points fountain in Bham that Frank Fleming did:
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I hope Frank gets started back really soon...there are lots more examples of his work here.

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