Homewood Suites by Hilton, Covington LA

Monday, March 26, 2007

This weekend, we went to Louisiana for a couple of days - we would have stayed in New Orleans since that's where Av was having his meetings, but there was a huge cardiologist convention and our favorite hotels were either sold out or were going for well over $300/night. Since it was really a work-only weekend, we decided just to stay on the other side of the lake and spend the little time we did have to play around in an area we weren't as familiar with.

Since I was going to be alone in the hotel almost all day Sunday, Av decided that we would stay at a Homewood Suites. It's a Hilton hotel that has a kitchenette - microwave, sink, 2-burner stove, dishwasher, and a full-size refrigerator. This is the bedroom part:
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This is the section of the room with a loveseat and desk:
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...and this is the little kitchen.
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When we were driving over to Covington, we stopped in Hattiesburg for Leatha's barbecue (it's our favorite in MS) and I brought a plate of beef ribs to have for lunch on Sunday in the hotel room. There were plates and forks provided, so I just heated it up in the microwave and was all set. I didn't even get bored! I read some Eudora Welty, and TLC had a "Flip that House" all-day marathon going that kept me thinking about renovations we could make to our own house...hmmmm.....

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Sunday night we went out for supper at Morton's (it was pretty good) in Madisonville, just right across the street from the Tchefuncte river. I like their sign (above) especially!

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Favorite Restaurants:
1. Commander's Palace, New Orleans LA
2. Arnaud's, New Orleans LA
3. Antoine's, New Orleans LA
4. Doe's Eat Place, Greenville MS
5. Root, New Orleans LA
6. Chez Fonfon, Birmingham AL
7. Taylor Grocery, Taylor MS
8. Ninfa's on Navigation, Houston TX
9. Lusco's, Greenwood MS
10. The Dinner Bell, McComb MS

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