Beacon Light Tea Room, Bon Aqua TN

Sunday, March 25, 2007

We skipped breakfast at the hotel and went to the Beacon Light Tea Room in Bon Aqua. We've done breakfast at the Loveless before and heard this place was even better.
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Inside it's a mishmash of Jesus paintings, fake plants, and someone's obsession with the Home Interiors catalog. (Have you ever seen one? In college, I worked at a place where one of the women sold from that catalog - you could buy entire mantlepieces full of stuff altogether - from hurricane lamps to pictures, display plates to fake ivy. Now that I went to their website today, it looks a lot different...but I guess in the early 90s it was had a more 'now this is what's called decorated' vibe.) Anyway, it is...um...very busy inside the restaurant. Not in a terrible-bad way, maybe like if you went to your somebody's grandmother's house and she was *really* into artificial floral arrangements and a bit of the kitsch. And there's a "Shalom Y'all" plaque by the front door. And one more thing - after seeing all the religious images, going through the bible verses on the table (see below), etc. we walked to the cash register to pay, and the guy at the register was actually wearing one of these. I half imagined the owner shoo-ing him out with a broom for even thinking of killing the atmosphere like that, but anyway...
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On each table is something called an "Our Daily Bread Promise Box" with Bible verses inside:
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The breakfast was really, really good. I had biscuits with white gravy, and Av had steak biscuits. The biscuits are small but excellent, and they come with a yummy hashbrown casserole. Mmmm.....
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