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Sunday, February 25, 2007

When we were driving in to Tallahassee, we had made plans to eat at the Nicholson Farm House Restaurant, which was designated as a Florida "Top 200". I had read that on weekend nights, they have musicians playing on the porch and even ride guests around the grounds in mule wagons (it's supposed to be one house built in 1828 plus four or five others that people dine in). A copy of their menu is here.

It sounded really like it would be different and fun - but when we got there, we saw this sign:
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They closed on December 23rd.

Anyway, we decided to make the best of things so we drove on in to Tallahassee and I looked up different restaurants - we wanted to try something we couldn't get at home, so we wound up at Carlos' Cuban Cafe on 402 E. Tennessee Street. A copy of their menu is here.

It was really excellent! I got a dish that I don't see on their online menu - it was called something like "Picadillo", which is ground beef with peppers, onions, and tomato. It came with black beans, rice, and maduro (which is plantain, I think).
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Av got the "Pescado del Dio", which was grouper sauteed in white wine and butter - lots of garlic on top - and yellow rice and maduros. He liked it too. He finished with a slice of their key lime pie which was nice.
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Now what was really, really, really good was breakfast on the morning we were leaving Tallahassee. We went to Another Broken Egg Cafe at 3500 Kinhega Drive. The pic on the left is of the front of the building and on the right is the pretty view we had from our table of the lake and gazebo:
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Av ordered potatoes with chicken. The potatoes were good but the chicken was really dry. Once he had a taste of what I ordered, he totally forgot about his:
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This was sooooo good....and it was so much food that I put half of it on his plate. We decided the next time we eat here we will just order this one thing and split it like we did this time. It's the "Southern Crab Stack" and it's a grits cake on the bottom with a crab cake on top, covered with andouille sausage and some tiny shrimp. Ohhhh yum!
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