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Sunday, January 21, 2007

I was going through some of my older pictures to put up on Flickr, and found this one of the Big Red Dog in Northport, Alabama:
Big Red Dog by Steve Davis, Northport AL

Isn't it great!? It's by metalwork artist Steve Davis, who owns SunHeart Metalworks.

Once I uploaded the pic to Flickr, I added it to the group, "Big Things - Big Kitsch and Big Tacky, Big Strange & Big Weird" which is really fun (and I love the giant jackalope in South Dakota that someone just added!).

The other pics I have in that group are:

The giant buffalo at the Tupelo Buffalo Park in Tupelo, MS:
Tupelo Buffalo Park, Tupelo MS

The Rooster El Camino at Ms. Billie's in Irvington, Alabama (this is my favorite!):
Rooster El Camino at Ms. Billie's in Irvington AL

This alligator in Lake Charles, Louisiana:
Alligator, Lake Charles LA

The Tale of Two Cities Pelican in Pensacola, Florida:
Tail of Two Cities Pelican, Pensacola FL

This catfish in Belzoni, Mississippi:
Catfish, Belzoni MS

Tin Man with Heart at Jim Bird's in Forkland, Alabama (my other favorite):
Tin Man w/ Heart at Jim Bird's Hay Creations, Forkland AL

The Pike County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen Bull Sculpture in Pike County, Alabama:
Pike County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen Bull Sculpture, Pike County (on Hwy 231/Troy Highway) AL

A giant cow at the State Farmer's Market in Montgomery, Alabama:
Giant Cow at State Farmer's Market, Montgomery AL

A big chair in Thomasville, North Carolina:
The Big Chair, Thomasville, North Carolina

...and this rooster made out of car bumpers at ArtWurks in Brundidge, Alabama:
Car Bumper Rooster at ArtWurks, Brundidge AL

I need to find our picture of the "Big Texan" at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas and add it, too!

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