What She Really Wants

Monday, December 04, 2006

I've posted a couple of times before about how much I like the Advertiser-Gleam, from Guntersville/Marshall County, Alabama. That's the paper that doesn't run *any* news if it doesn't have something to do with somebody from their area. No AP reports. And it was just a couple of months ago that they put a story about the woman who's trying for the Guinness World Record with her rubber-band ball "above the fold" on the front page.

Anyway, I was looking through the paper last week when I saw this ad for a really old department store in Guntersville, which made me just laugh & laugh & laugh! See the top right corner?

"You just think she wants jewelry!"
Nah, what she really wants is a $5 cast iron skillet!! hahahaha!!!

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