Shearwater Pottery Update

Friday, December 22, 2006

Av and I went to Ocean Springs to see how far Shearwater Pottery had gotten to reopening at its original location (which was devastated by the hurricane) - there was a sign that they were open right now at the Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center at 1600 Government Street in town.

This is a pic of the building:

Upstairs in one of the former classrooms is the Shearwater Gallery - here's Av paying for everything!:

We bought these four egg cups - I love the shape of these, and that the glaze (and shape/height) is different on each one:

This is the marking on the bottom of each egg cup:

This is the marking on the bottom of the other piece we got - it has a stamp:

I asked what glaze this is, and the nice lady that helped us said that it somewhat resembled "Sand & Sky" but that all the glazes are different now and mostly don't have names yet (they're working with a new kiln, too).

I love it and am so happy that they're open. They'll reopen the shop at their original location in late January or early February, so I can't wait to go back then too!

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